Private Workshop Parties

Mixed Media Collage is the art of incorporating paint, pastel, drawing, textures and found materials by gluing and layering onto canvas or paper. Mixed Media Collage workshops are designed to meet all levels of experience; from curious creative amateurs to professional artists. You can explore your own imagination and learn how to put your ideas onto a wood plaque using collage, painting, and stencils. Your own unique piece of art is inspired by the verse, scripture, quote, or inspirational words you choose to bring printed out to the workshop. We begin by each person selecting some papers they like from the large selection I bring. We then start by cutting paper and learning how to layer to make an interesting background. The next phase really allows for learning new artsy techniques and a great way to get creative, even for those who think they aren't creative! The next phase is adding your image with free hand painting (if you choose), or stencils to create a something beautiful for your words to be surrounded by. Mixed Media collage often times reminds people of combining scrap booking, with decoupaging, and acrylic painting. I walk you through step by step, and help to inspire and keep you creating. The cool think about mixed media collage workshops is that you each one of you creates something different inspired by you, as opposed to a paint nite (which are fun too) where everyone paints the same thing. Many times I hear back from people who have taken the workshop and will take them again and again and will eventually begin creating their own pieces for friends and families. It's a fun night, that teaches you to find that creativity that is within all of us. I've attached some pics of what people have created in the past in my workshops.

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